KetoDose - The Vegan Low Carb Snack with Sugar-Free Amazonian Chocolate

Created by Danny of Tilin Tilin Chocolate

Welcome to the headquarters of KetoDose. Learn about our mission, our keto nut bars covered in dark chocolate, and our super highly limited edition products we craft by hand in Colombia. Please note, we add a small, shipping per-order fee to cover shipping from South America. All orders above $32 (the minimum Kickstarter pledge) will ship guaranteed before December 15, 2019. Orders below that may ship later as we will break those up rather than fulfilling direct from Colombia.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

heading back to Keto Country
15 days ago – Fri, Sep 06, 2019 at 12:30:31 AM

Hi Kickstarter family! From stress, weather whatever it may be, sometimes we get sick. I’ve been sick all week. Today’s been better. In hasn’t just been better - it has been a really beautiful day, a time for getting things done, as well as a time for reflection. I went to eat an incredible dinner by myself and read some passages from The Road Less Stupid, a business book that shows you how to use intentional thought to avoid the common tragedies and difficulties of business. In some ways, I wish I could create a human alarm clock to schedule that time in more regularly, as until now, taking that time for intentional thought can sometimes be evasive when you need it most. This is a great book that I highly recommend. Are there any rituals you have to make sure you are staying intentional? I also had an awesome call with a few friends from the keto community, so we can be featured in subscription boxes in the future, and that was really cool - I get so energized when i speak to folks in the keto community - it’s honestly super super touching and amazing. There is amazing connection around shared values. I love staying in touch with this community so much, and am happy to be re-engaged with them. They also love helping small companies, which is so cool! And I also listened to a really wonderful podcast on a suggestion of a friend - Aubrey Marcus of Onnit interviewing Joe Dispenza (search for it on Spotify). I definitely look up to both of them for what they’ve accomplished - and they discuss at length how to create change in your life by uniting emotional stages of gratitude with intention in life, to catalyze new states of being. And how this can also change your health radically. What do you all think of them? Regarding some big updates on the bars side, we got some video of the mixer part of the bar-maker being complete and we will be getting that in next week. Really grainy photo attached! And lastly, we’ve been tinkering and tinkering with bar recipes as we wait for production to start. And, one of the things that we do when we approve a product is we try it out for ourselves, in our daily life, casually - on hikes, over the weekend. And we ask ourselves - do I want to try that again? And we looked at the Brazil nut bar and started to look at adding coffee or a mixture of coffee and a tiny amount of rum, and make this into a keto tiramisu. Artisanal photos attached. The Brasil but sample on the left is a heck yeah for me moreso than before. What do you guys think of the flavor idea? Lastly, one of my old friends from Medellin, is now a famous author and security stopped me on the way to a wedding and we made a chocolate replica of one of his books...the security in Medellin’s airport absolutely loved it. Ketoliciously yours! Danny

Quick Videos - Factory Store Sneak Peak, New Cacao Origins, and Locking Cacao Starter Kit Tonight!
21 days ago – Sat, Aug 31, 2019 at 01:29:59 AM

A quick update here...

With all that has been happening in the Amazon, we understand that agricultural ecosystems are fragile. And we want to help. We have some notes from Tumaco and La Sierra Nevada in this video message, and a peak of our store.

We will LOCK DOWN Cacao Starter Kit to be able to send nibs out tomorrow.

And for those who didnt get the 90% Amburana, we confirmed and added 8 more units to inventory (by request we confirmed with a backer who wanted some!)

We are going to share the Kickstarter and the Add-Ons to a larger crowd starting tonight as well, so for limited edition rewards, its a great idea to finalize them today. As always ask me any questions.



taste-testing keto in Chile’s cold, backerkit live, and a special opp thanks to you
28 days ago – Fri, Aug 23, 2019 at 06:44:34 PM

Hi Kickstarter family,

A joyous Friday to each and every one of you.

There are lots of things to share, including a really cool notice on a rare opportunity that has come up from the Kickstarter that I’ll get into below!

This week we sent out Backerkit surveys. Backerkit were awesome to work with - just in case you don’t know, Backerkit helps organize surveys, add-on stores, and organize the collection of really super critical information for us to get you some amazing rewards from the Kickstarter funding.

So each and every one of you should have gotten questions to fill out regarding how we can get you the rewards you pledged that we will make for you with the most care and love in the world. Addresses are important. You can change those at any time before we “lock them.” I’ll advise more on that as we send out the keto nibs to everyone, but don’t worry if you are moving or changing locations.

In just a short time after sending this update I’ll be reviewing the online store, as we have been finalizing our inventory to see if we will have any surplus stock of the extra bars, powder and butter that were limited edition. Thanks to the Kickstarter experts who also guided us here. We made shipping for everything free in the USA and Canada to make it easy for current backers...and honestly because we are here to provide as much value and joy as possible. You have entrusted us tremendously but as a company that has been making chocolate for a while we know consumer preferences in a way, offering a few more of our favorite products makes us happier knowing that you all will experience new flavors and will find your preference within our products (did you know our most popular paleo chocolate bar is a bar flavored with lemon and sea salt...who would have known!). What has been your favorite add-on?

We also have a big ask in the coming 3 weeks - that you help us develop our more of our brand storyboard for Ketodose. This is hugely important as developing a brand that resonates with our story is a big, important responsibility and surveying you for preferences, opinions, thoughts, is critical.

On a personal note, I decided after the Kickstarter ended to not go to Burning Man, a beautiful festival that a lot of my open minded friends and my brother attend, to be able to focus in the first week of September on machine advancements. End of next week and beginning of following is when that should be nailed down. But, I decided then to add on a trip to Chile after visiting Peru for a project earlier this week, and so, got to test out the matcha macadamia bar and Brazil nut bar on the ski slopes of the Andes.

Doing lots of taste testing and against the elements is actually mandatory here!!! And instructive. We are still nailing down the taste profile with every week of testing left and I would have liked for a more matcha forward taste in the colder weather.

Two big updates

While in Chile, I’m taking time to decompress but also move big projects along. and I had a call where we will fast-track production of keto cacao nibs. It’s been a pain getting registered as a Colombian company so working with them one on one has been awesome. Keto cacao nibs are the first product that we will start to sell and bundle with roasted cacao nibs (that are unsweetened as opposed to keto nibs which have yacon and monk fruit and are super delicious).

And lastly, we submitted an application that came to us only because of Agro-startup accelerator reached out to us and accepted us to apply for funding expansion even further! Normally they only ask much larger companies to apply...since doing a difference on the ground requires so much experience, but I was straightforward with them and showed them the Kickstarter project and worked my tail off to get them a lot of information. So, I’m over the moon there! We will see where that takes us. Not to end on a somber sober note but the news about the Amazon really sucks these days and I just think that projects that revolve around sustainable crops are just a match made in heaven.

Lastly, think any of your healthy friends or family would want to get in on the keto bars or keto chocolate for going keto for a month or getting into keto for post holidays? Send them this link -

I’ve added some photos as well for your viewing pleasure! one is with these drinks called Ample with whom we will be running a contest shortly!! Tomorrow I will shoot a video as well for those that want to see some shots of Chile as I explain a bit more about Backerkit.



Kickstarter Surveys Being Approved and Avobrownie Recipe!
about 1 month ago – Tue, Aug 13, 2019 at 11:28:49 PM

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Small error, but some dessert might remedy it!
about 1 month ago – Sun, Aug 11, 2019 at 12:03:27 AM

Hi Kickstarter Family!

So, I had to take a bit of Kickstarter "medicine" we decided to be able to manage all rewards through backerkit, which is definitely the right move! And just reading the fine print, they advise to send out surveys 14 days after the Kickstarter closes. So, that will put us at Monday, so our surveys will go out Monday! I said they would go out yesterday and apologize to have mismanaged your expectations. This has been a learning process. Do expect them then. 

On the bright side, I'm finalizing a new recipe for you all, with the key theme - keeping it chocolate and keeping it avocado. This one is a bake recipe. Debuting it tonight! 



The good thing is that I had a real amazing time trying out a new dessert for you had avocado and chocolate in common, surprise surprise.
The good thing is that I had a real amazing time trying out a new dessert for you had avocado and chocolate in common, surprise surprise.
this dessert recipe will come super soon, just four ingredients, keeping it simple. chocolate, avocado, and two others. can you guess what that ingredient i just poured in is?
this dessert recipe will come super soon, just four ingredients, keeping it simple. chocolate, avocado, and two others. can you guess what that ingredient i just poured in is?
time to bake! so easy and so fun
time to bake! so easy and so fun