KetoDose - The Vegan Low Carb Snack with Sugar-Free Amazonian Chocolate

Created by Danny of Tilin Tilin Chocolate

Welcome to the headquarters of KetoDose. Learn about our mission, our keto nut bars covered in dark chocolate, and our super highly limited edition products we craft by hand in Colombia. Please note, we add a small, shipping per-order fee to cover shipping from South America. All orders above $32 (the minimum Kickstarter pledge) will ship guaranteed before December 15, 2019. Orders below that may ship later as we will break those up rather than fulfilling direct from Colombia.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Friday update - Calories and Surveys
about 1 month ago – Fri, Jan 24, 2020 at 12:56:15 PM

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"Give me More Now!" or "Tastes Like Cardboard" Kickstarter SURVEY + CONTEST:WIN a SUPERBOX of 18 Keto Bars
about 1 month ago – Wed, Jan 22, 2020 at 02:07:02 PM

Hi Kickstarter Family,

 I wanted to send you a survey with a link in this update:

This is the link: SHORT SURVEY FORM

This Survey is perhaps the most important way for us to see how we are doing as a keto company. You are going to evaluate us. It will take 15 minutes, and will be so incredibly valuable to help us to honestly understand you and understand the beta group. By now you should have all received your rewards, munched on your plant-based keto snacks and had a little time to digest! If you are in Colombia hopefully will come celebrate on Friday and we will share in person. I'll follow this up with an email reminder to each of you as some are better on email than on Kickstarter updates as we saw with Backerkit surveys!

The survey, thanks to our keto loompas down here, will be made anonymous even though it asks for your email to be entered into the contest.

Thanks for your continuous support and feedback of this mission.



Buckle Up! Lets Go!
about 1 month ago – Fri, Jan 17, 2020 at 08:15:18 PM

Hi family, I finished fulfillment of all orders in the world this week (except for Medellin orders which will receive some special in-person love!). 

There are some address changes, difficulty with addresses to still be reconciled (some orders sent back from faraway places!) No postal system will stop us though! Rest assured.

I'm so glad, as I hope we can all share in the likes, dislikes, loves, and suggestions, ways to make this better. So many of you have reached out, and its been a pleasure to answer and talk. This week I've been training new people, as our oldest chocolatier left the company unexpectedly last month. Next week the fun comes - 

  • 1-sharing a macadamia farm visit research on Monday 
  • 2-sending out surveys on Tuesdays
  • 3-getting inventory for re orders finalized by Friday
  • 4-launching globally on Friday too (what does that mean? find out on Tuesday!)

In the meantime, a small ask! Please send me photos to, or send to @ketodose on Instagram.   Some photos below!

Thanks !One large reply to a big question - calories and full nutrition facts. We are extremely strict with this, and found that the normal Colombian companies that do nutrition facts (we sent to two labs - very pricy) gave us wildly different, inconsistent numbers, different from expected ranges. Labs use different gadgets for this, but are sending to USA. Will take time, so I wanted to share this. Macros are on point, and have been keto tested of course.

Double Chocolate Jungle in the Mexican Jungle

Merry Christmas Eve
2 months ago – Tue, Dec 24, 2019 at 11:05:45 AM

Hi Kickstarter family,

Thanks so much for the tremendous support and responsiveness as we have been working on deliveries. Really happy with your feedback and questions so far. I'll have time to get my bearings in the next two days as its been nonstop work to get shipments out to the USA for the Kickstarter and for the keto cacao nibs and keto chocolate bars for Amazon, so today and tomorrow will be days where I can communicate more with you all on an individual basis :) 

Several backers have asked for more information on vegan keto recipes so I thought I'd make them available to you all...Here is a rough cut of a video I am working on for a very green, very high-fat keto dish - I call it Simple Macadamia Zucchini Pasta that has over 30 grams of fat per serving and has keto cacao nibs used in a very unexpected way - The final colors are not done, but I'd love to hear what you think. Shoot me your impressions in a comment so I can read them, and then I'll send out a survey later. Drop me a comment about anything please - particularly what you liked very much, or what you disliked very much about anything in the video, and also anything about the Kickstarter in general!

In testing issues with Brazil Nuts, I found that actually toasting them in the oven, or on the pan makes them soft and gooey when hot, and crunchy and not stale. Honestly, in trying this, I ate like two bars in seconds, they are kind of addictive.  It also brings out a fresh baked cookie smell. Take a look below. If this calls you, the keto chocolate avocado mousse goes incredibly well with these.

Happy Holidays,


Holiday Deliveries of Kickstarters
2 months ago – Mon, Dec 23, 2019 at 10:20:50 PM

Hi Kickstarter family and Merry Christmas Eve Eve!


Apologies for the slow communication in the last week. We have been fulfilling as we have mentioned! One package at a time to all of our backers. Wrapping individually, learning about how packages will best get to you one at a time. This will be a longer post, but should explain everything about Kickstarter and whats next in the paragraphs below. In the backdrop of this gargantuan effort, we started negotiating and getting approval from Amazon (about 6 months ago) to sell there (see below for our approval and our status there!) and been working there as welll.

Fulfillment has been a wonderful, full time job. FEDEX has basically been living with us in our factory. To be able to enjoy your redemption to the absolute maximum and have a smile on your face from this experience here are some tips regarding the send-out, the packages you are getting, and whats next.  In particular, we talk about some issues we had and some labeling of packages, so please read to the bottom and message me with any questions tonight, tomorrow, on Christmas. 

  • First, myself, and the entire team owe you a tremendous amount of gratitude for trusting us and letting us serve you with food in the form of ketogenic bars and chocolate and keto cacao nibs. We are honored to work with you.
  • Second, there is a bunch of fun stuff and good news, that developed over the course of the kickstarter. For over 50% of the basic pledge rewards we were ALSO able to upgrade you all and include an extra stocking stuffer - a completely FREE keto chocolate bar with brazil nuts, coffee and lucuma. We also upgraded every order so that almost everyone received two small cacay seeds, rather than just the early backers. These are important to us - cacay is an emerging high monounsaturated nut that is harvested in the jungles of the Colombian-Venezuelan border, and we cannot wait to investigate it in 2020 and travel to the source. And lastly, everyone who received a 3-bar rum package should have received a basket from the indigenous people of Guiania, that make them by hand from local, sustainable palm.
  • Third, halfway through the sendout, last Tuesday at around 4 AM, we noticed that there were Brazil Nut bars that we had previously approved, that were gaining humidity, and as result becoming tougher in texture! This petrifies me. We had made these bars crunchier, based on taste profile, and it was an amazing decision. I love that bar, and with chocolate on top, its incredible!! So, we had to actually stop sending out all Kickstarters, and immediately started to audit every box of Brazil Nut Bars, to make sure that the remainder of bars that were sent out were approved. We had to take the unprecedented step with a few rewards to start to include Double Chocolate Jungle (which has been the crowd favorite so far) INSTEAD of Brazil Nut bars. In each case we have done so, we have actually kept the amount of bars the same of course, or INCREASED the bars sent as rewards, as a token. We regret this happened, but the reason why we launched this Kickstarter is to learn and have a community that absolutely 100% supports us, and understands that the journey is in many ways more important than the result. 
  • The Brazil Nut Kingdom issues have resulted in certain rewards not being sent out, and there will be a small portion not sent out until January.  Tomorrow we are confirming those rewards. We have sent out rewards to over 85% of backers that filled out their surveys until today despite this!! I will be communicating with those that have not received there bars in the coming days - I just want to be able to provide you with high quality products, and timeliness is incredibly important, but want you to enjoy wonderful bars. I can't wait to figure out how we can exceed your expectations for those remaining rewards. Thank you thank you thank you for being so patient.

Below, I am showing you a video - the result of the hard work - GREEN KIT KAT MATCHA BARS i the making! All bars that are covered in dark chocolate or matcha green chocolate - we are still perfecting, but we thought they came out 1000% unbelievable. Tell us if they didn't.  You can find them with the GOLD STICKER that they have on their packaging. 


 It has not been easy, a Colombian company selling online on Amazon. Amazon is a challenging company to work with, they wield a lot of power, and apparently they are not huge fans of Colombia, rejecting us three times since the red tape of Colombia's past seemed to make them skeptical of a chocolate company! Many of my friends told me that its not worth it to endeavor here. I believe that everyone who does keto and likes cacao needs these keto cacao nibs. Its such a good way to have cacao in your diet easily. Its a mainstay. You may have given up on cacao nibs before, you may have stopped wanting to buy them because you never finish, but as reviews from many show, they are nutritious AND delicious. 


So, finally a secret announcement, we finally received approval two weeks ago and shipped everything we had in our warehouse to them of keto cacao nibs, and our three keto chocolate bars that many have received as Backerkit upgrades. The keto bars - Matcha and Double Chocolate Jungle we will look to you to guide us - is this product best in its class? Is it healthy based on your expectations? Delicious. If its good enough, we will launch on Amazon.

The Amazon links are here for the two products:

You will see our 3-packs of chocolate bars. I just hit the launch button about 1 hour ago there to bring those live and they are available now on Amazon Prime. And our keto cacao nibs, you will see a new "mockup" of packaging. Our old packaging will remain the same for the next few months, but this is the new packaging as it will be shortly.  If you love the chocolate bars, or keto cacao nibs it would mean the world for us if you would support us with a purchase and review to be able to share these with the world. We didnt get these up in time for Christmas delivery, but you can get them in your mailbox by Thursday or Friday.


Its really important to me that you guys are happy with what you received, and with this Kickstarter. I hope to send you some questions right after Christmas to ask you how I did, how our products are, and what you think we should do next. In the next few weeks I'll be launching 10 Youtube videos that use our keto cacao nibs, macadamia nuts, avocados and more in easy plant-based keto recipes. Stay tuned. If there were any issues with your package, in terms of products received, packages, confusion, please please please, message me. I'm here. Below, check out our matcha bars!

Yours in keto spirit,